October 17, 2021

Fear and Fearless

Everything have effect and side effect. In this article, I would like to share about the Fear and fearless according the experience of our enviroment.

In this pandemic situation, Some people are over fearless and some people are over fear.

Both two way are very dangerous in pandemic period.

People are not think the true with those two situation. Especially in Asian countires. In Asain countries has its own culture and traditional. Some are fanatisim people and diffult to explain the science.

For example, some Asain people belive on traditional over. They believe that their spirit can treat this disease with power.

The doctor treat with science medicine but they don’t mind on doctor. They did not take medicine. Some over fear people always taking medicines that refer both doctor and other person. For example, it is called ” Layut Thay Yeik” the green leaf occour in the jungle. It can be dead beteria.

Although it can be killed both useful bateria and unuseful bateria. They mill the leaf and drink the liquid of leaf in daily. That why the doctor announce that leaf can killed the bed bateria but it also can useful bateria. So people should not drink more and daily.

In the world, the panic buying cause the over fear people. Some people buying the foods and other too much while they afraid the lock down. It become the panic buying and the price of goods reach too high and out of stock.

So over fear situation is dangerous for the society espically for the basic people class.

The next type is fearless person who do not care anything in enviroment. They always do not afraid anything.for example, the ministry of health announcement that to wear the mask and washing hand with 20 seconds. But they don’t obey the rule.

They walk one place to another place without wearing mask. They eat the food without washing hand. This is very dangerous for those person both for other people. The virus can stalk on her or him. And and move to other family member. So, we should pratice to control the fear. Otherewise, our people is always worrie for it.

How t control fear?

Do you know the way ?Here, I would like to share the way to control the fear with mindfulness.

Do you know mindfulness, a little seem with Yoga. Yoga is take a little peaceful, it make concentrate. But the mindfulness make the true peaceful mind. It bring the positive mind and fresh energy. It is called as the ” Meditation” in Asian Buddhism countries. Do you want to try it? I can share you the basic meditation because I study and learn from Asian Buddhism monk.

Firstly , we need to sit with straight but it must be confortable position. After that put the right hand on the left hand.

Firstly close your eyes, breathe with regularly. And then you have to put your concious mind at the top of nose. You have to know the breathe air is in and out. You hve to carefully emphasize the air. After that you mind is peaceful and refresh. I believe the habit of mindfulness or Yoga is make us to protect fear and fearless.

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