October 16, 2021

Why subconscious mind is important?

People always heard about the conscious mind and subconscious mind. Which is more important do you think? Generally people will answered the conscious mind is very important. I also think like this. But it is not 100% true. Because 70% of Subconscious mind are influence on people’s mind.

Have you ever seen about the ice mountain in the sea? We can see the ice mountain as the peak on the surface of water. Can not seen the root of ice into the water. We can see with our normal eye about the ice peak. There are too many ice root into the water.

Like the ice into the water, our subconscious mind is influence than the conscious. One example, You come back home from work with talking someone. You forget to get off car but your subconscious mind remind you. Sometime, although we forget to do, but our subconscious mind do regularly.

Subconscious mind is very powerful

Read continue about this. In one village, there has a pregnant women want to drink the water from monk at night. So she badger to husband to take water from monk. But her husband dare not to go to monastery. Because monastery had another village and have to pass the Grave Yard. According the word of mouth history, there has ghost. So husband take the water at the pod beside the road and lie his wife that water is from monk. Wife drink the water and then feel fresh because she believes it is from monk. That is the power and belief of subconscious mind.

Another bad story is about the prisoner who label death sentence. A man tied the black cloth with prisoner eyes. The man talked about the prisoner, now I killing you, I cut your neck but in reality, it is not true. The man cut with small knife only the skin of prisoner neck. But the prisoner did not see, so he thought that I will going to die. That is one of the practically test for subconscious mind.

The last test is in the hospital. There are too many patient in the room. The doctor create two group. Group A patient take medicines but not in Group B patient. The doctor test and take only the distilled water and inform the patient already take medicines.

How do you think, is group A patients are better than the Group B patients. It is not, The Group B patients are also better like the group A patients. Cause of the subconscious mind and they believed that they also treatment like the other patient. I think you may be understand about the conscious mind and the power subconscious mind.

In our subconscious mind has both happy and unhappy experiences in the pass life since the childhood. We should recall our past happy time. At that time you will get fresh and energy. Finally, I think it will habit and you can pass your difficulties problems.

For the practice exercise, mindfulness or Yoga. Every morning or Every night, you need to do it.

The method is breathing in and out. Focus your mind on the place of nose. Carefully emphasize the breathing, you will know the touch feeling of air in the nose. At that time your mind will concentrate and you feel better. That is the basically method. If you want to detail, read the mindfulness book and do practice.

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