October 18, 2021

Reading help to improve for life

I think that everyone read one book in their life. One book will change the thought. I don’t like the reading, at first.

But one of the book that change my mindset and thought. In this article, I will share about the book that change my life.

That book was written Daw Than Myint Aung, Burmese wirter . The writer influence the reader while the reader is reading the book. But not for me.

I read her book because of I emphasize her speech in one of Ceremony. I saw her with full of love. She is very kindly women wirter that I have ever seen.

The reason is the writer come from the Volunteering Background. Mrs. Than Myint Aung always help the people arround her enviroment. Do you think, she is always kind? Not at all, she got hard heard concern with rule and regualation. So, her follower both love and afraid her rule.

She work at Free Funeral Service Yangon as the secretary officer. She built creches for HIV parentless children and nursing home for old people.

That why I admire and desire want to read her book. The book name is ” Yayway, Htainpin, Kyisu”. Do you know those name are about the Cemetery.

How is afraid the title

But not afraid in the novel.We can know about how is important for the living. Do you know, some partents have no money for grave. Very poor parents, some are very sad for beloved one.

She sharing the experience of taking the dead body in Yangon, Myanmar.Mrs.Than Myint Aung and Mr.Kyaw Thu who are the founder of FFSS are change the thought of Burmese people superstition concern with dead people.

People thought that they have to do the best the last of their beloved life. They spend very expensive coffin.

That is worng thought, in reality. We should care before they died. But some are cried and use expensive things in last journey. It is not useful for both of us. She highlight about it and indicate the love between us. This book is change my life. Because I always hard work and spend my time with work. I forget to care my family. I think my familer member will satisfy with enough money. But it is not, people can live with love and sympathy each other.

I seen about the beautiful mind of writer. But the writer is not beautiful but I appreciate her novel heart.

She and her team take the dead bodies from the house to cemetery. This work can’t everyone but they can work without earn money. Sometime they donate money to family. The innocent heart . Very poor people rear for ” 7 days of person’s demise. That is the habit of Burmese people for dead people. They alms the food donate to the monk for dead people.

I learn from that book, people should donate what the can to poor people. That is satisfy for living. We should care our family and beloved before pass aways.

Life is too short, remove the jelous each other and care each other. The earth is full of love and beautiful. Did you read the book that change something in your life. Please share your experiencse with us.

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