October 16, 2021

Things that we learn from Pandemic

In current, people suffering about the world pandemic disease. Do you known about that everything has both effects and side effects. So, Let’s say about the side effects of Pandemic.

Firstly, it is amazing and incredible for people. We suffer nightmare in our life. We can’t accept till now. Because it take our lovely friends, relative and others. We hate it. It sallow our life.

We have ever thought for that, but it is reality on Earth. Ok, let’s talk about the effects because while we though side effect, we feel very hard.

May I ask what did you learn from Pandemic?

My answer for that question is many things learn from that.The important thing is about “love”. We can’t seen what happen on next hour, that why we keep and show our love between family and beloved.

We saw that the person who got remorse in this situation. So, you should care while you meet with your family or beloved. You should spend more time with your family, and show how much you love.

Because if they pass away, your regard is unless and not useful for them.I know the sympathy between people, although they did not know or did not seen each other. Have you ever known about Myanmar?

I emphasize this country in Pandemic, because of the leader’s Aung San Su Kyi. Management. She controlled the pandemic disease with full of love.Although people who live in Europe are treatment this disease with self money but it is opposite in Myanmar.

Myanmar people can not spend for pandemic treatment. The next amazing thing is the donation. There has many donor for food, accommodation and medical equipment.

There are many volunteer in every sector such doctor, medical assistant, nurse, cleaner and so on. One of my dream after pandemic, I will visit there and learn about their culture and other. Ok, let’s back to the title about Things that we learn from Pandemic.

Firstly is love, that I talked about on the top and the next thing is about the hygiene. Hygiene is the important for pandemic because we can’t see virus with normal eye.The virus stick on everywhere and live on the body and materials on long days.

According the researcher, the virus can stay 3 or 4 days on materials. The import thing is to wash the each hands with soap or hand spray before eating something. That is the main point and the rule must be follow for people. You do not touch the eyes, ears, noses, mouth without washing the hand. Careful the hygiene in future.

The last thing what I learn is “ I will not postpone my desire to travel. Before pandemic period, I postpone my family trip schedule again and again. I think that I have more time to spend and I should to get only own money.

But do you know, after this pandemic we can’t go to travel because some of our friend and family member are pass away and life is not meaningful. In conclusion, what I learn from pandemic, first is love and second is hygiene and the last is never postpone for trip.

What did you learn from this pandemic?

Let me know, if I have a chance and welcome your comment.

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