October 17, 2021

How to reduce Stress within Pandemic

Today all of people with full of stress cause the Pandemic disease. Do you know how effect of these stress in this situation? Some are give up and some are struggle.

What is your type?

Today we would like to share about how to reduce Stress within this period. Do you know that God had already give the solution. Firstly, give the love to other thought who are not son of God. This is very easy step for every.

The next things to do is to sleep engough. Do you know “Enough Sleeping” is the organic medicine for people. According the Health Sciences, adult people should have 6 hours to 8 hours for sleeping.

Enough sleeping bring fresh engery and good mood for the whole day. It help to improve for body resistance . And if you not enough sleeping hours, you feel unsatisfy and impatient. That is improve for stress.

Shall we know about your sleeping hours?

The Second one is to do light exercise like the walking in the morning, cycling around the park or somewhere and running with slowly with friends or family member. If you do light excerise in the morning, it take you feel fresh body and mind. Most of Europe people do exercise in the morning but this habit is rare in the Asian Countires and Africa.

One of the important things is healthy meal. Do you kown foods help to improve not only for body resistance but also for the memory. According the Asia proverb, Eat the breakfast like the bagger. The bagger who is very hungry and he eat with heavy while he get the food.

You should eat with healthy plate for lunch. It has to include protein food like the meat, egg, nuts and so on. And it has to include vegetables which is full of Vitamin. The next food is whole grain like the brown bread, rice brown, popcorn and so on.

The other food is fruit. (We recommend for this siutation, people should eat the Vitamic C fruits like the orange, sunkit, lime, lemon, pineapple, guava, watermelon and so on).

The last one is calcium contain like dairy and dairy products. Those are call as Healthy Food with Healthy plate for lunch. The greatest food take the good health and while we eat our favorite foods it make us reduce sterss.

Talking with closed firend is make us to reduce sterss both of us. According the characteristic of human, while stay alone make full of thinking. In this situation, people worried about themself and their beloved and family. At that time, worried change to depression. That why in this time, we should talked with phone or Video call with friend. We care each other and discuss abouth the current situation and it can get the solution and friendly each other.

The last one is mindfulness or do Yoga. It will take peaceful place in your mind. Yogo reduce stress and good for breathe. In Asian culture is mindfulness. Mindfulness make you peaceful and incredible experience for your life. These above things will reduce stress in this period. Did you try one or all of those. Comment us and sharing for your experiences.

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