October 16, 2021

Bhutan, the one of Happiness country in the world

If people asked me, which country do you want to stay in the world, I recently answered it is Bhutan. This is one of my dreams. Do you feel today’s world is very improved in the physical environment but people have lost the nature and the low in mindfulness.

Bhutan is not only happiness but also it is one of peaceful countries starting from the King to the people. Do you know Bhutan is a small landlocked country in South Asia and located at the east of the Himalayas mountain and the official name is the Kingdom of Bhutan. Neighbour countries are India on East, West and South and border with China on North.

The natural structure of Bhutan and it got serial number five of peaceful country among the Asian countries. The nature setting of Bhutan is very amazing because it is full of green field, green mountains like the nature paint. One of the amazing things, that Bhutan is a rare Kingdom country.

The people love their King and King’s family. Not only love but also obey the rule and regulation of the country. Most ot Bhutan’s people are educated. Most Bhutan people apply for education and professional work abroad but after full of knowledge and experiences, they come back to their motherland,Bhutan.

So Bhutan is rich both economically and social. Although its terra was very rough for farmers, there was success in agriculture. Bhutan people still keep their traditional culture till now. It’s population is over one million. So Bhutan is one of the small countries in Asia.

Do you know there is no traffic light?

Most countries have many and many traffic jams nowadays, but it does not traffic light. How the vehicle drives on the road but it is reality. Bhutan’s Airport is the most difficult one to arrive in the world. One of the tour attractive places is Tashicho Dzong with its amazing ancient architecture of over 700 years.

The next highlight place is the world’s biggest Broze Buddha Statue (167 feet). The people pay full respect to their religion. People avoid taking their shoes, slippers, and sandals into the monastery. The guest and tourist accept this law. We appreciate the modernization of Bhutan, gross national happiness-GNH, not for gross national product.

Bhutan keeps their traditional culture with human rights. That is why Bhutan people are very polite and kind. In the world, it is very rare to develop both physical and mental country. But Bhutan is real. It is rare to hear of one criminal case in ten years. Nowadays, most counties have many criminal cases but Bhutan does not look like others.

The love of King of Bhutan is very romantic, when he was 17 years old, he went sightseeing around the country with his people. At that time, he saw a girl who was 7 years. He love her and he promise when she become adult, if she didn’t got married, the king will marry her.

When she became an adult, especially at 21 years old, the King married her. According to the love story, we learn that all Bhutan people keep their promise, culture, education and others with a positive attitude. Above these fact, Bhutan, the one of Happiness country in the world.

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