October 16, 2021

Stars Relationship news Hit in 2021

One of the 2021 Hit news is the fall in love between Korea Actress Son Ye Jin and Korean Popular Star Hyun Bin.

They act together in Crash Landing on You Korea Drama Serie, this series is hit around the Asian movie not only in country of Korea. In this Drama, the actor Hyun Bin act like the North Korea captain and the actress Son Ye Jin as the family of South Korea Queen.

They fall in love each other and the fan very like this drama, In this drama fan learn the culture for Both South Korea and North Korea.The opinions of some of the journalist have, that the actor and actress might fall in love while they shooting this drama.

Do you know, some blind fans were never agree their celebrity with other. But in those two relationship, most of fan agree and made the congratulation for them.The fans are very happy like them.

This news hit in Korean Celebrities’ news in the first week of 2021.

At the Same time, the actress Son Ye Jin who is spinster and shame for her fans. She add her IG status, as below Hello, Happy New Year my fanWhy I felt shame for the my personal relationship news not for the work.Hm…. It is true for us and How can say about my feeling.

I am thank and glad to meet with a good gentle man and I will try for the best. I say thank for all of fan for loving and caring to me, May God bless you and may you face with great thing and healthy in New Year.

The next Star Couple is Myanmar Famous Singer Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein who is called as Burmese Madonna.She belongs the great vocal power and not only the vocal but also her performance is very attractive and strange among other Singer.But she is brave and she does not care if she may right and she is also doctor.

She belongs sweet face and motivate for the fan because she has great conversation skill and smart grill.Last year ago, she work Myanmar Idol Competition as the Judge and we think it the start point.

There are two another judge in Myanmar Idol who are Singer Tin Zar Maw and the musicin U Aung Ko Latt. Each of three Judge and announcer bewitch the audiencer all the season.

Kyaw Htet Aung who is the famous and Top 10 announcer in Myanmar. His voice is very clear, smart and attractive that why not only the young people but also the old man are also like him. He is not only smart boy but also famous of his dimple. He work as an announcer in Myanmar Idol Competition.

In this 1st day of 2021, Singer Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein post on her social media facebook page with the couple shooting imges with Kyaw Htet Aung. The caption ” You can see only with heart Is it True Love or Fake Love..

There has True Love in MindBut they don’t show relationship, all their fan are confuse this news is the real relationship or only photo shooting. But the fans wish both of them ” To be Happy”, harmony couple, cute couple and other.This Asian Two couple’s new very hit among the fan.

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