October 16, 2021

World Biggest 10 Lakes

Today, we would like to present to you about the lakes.Although there are big lake in almost all of country, but our lakes is very famous.Popular and attractive for visitors.

But some of lakes are too far and different and rough the way. That why people can not visit and rare to visit.We aim this article is useful for you because we will tell about the biggest (10) lakes of the world.

Why those lakes are very famous in the world because not only the size but also the aquiline animals, nature plants. These facts are attractive for the visitors.There are Caspian, Superior, Victoria, Huron, Mishi, Tanganyika, Baikal, Great Bear, Meromictic Lake,Great Slave.


Is the biggest pond in the world and it was called as Caspian Sea because of huge.Although it is call sea, actually it is the pond which was surrounded by the land. The huge pond and strong wave make call as the sea and the way is very rough. It famous local animals, plant and at the other hand it was attractive from Internationalcause its’ the oil and gas.

SuperiorSuperior is the biggest lake of the great lakes of North America and it is the second largest lake in the world.It is round about (10000) years and you can see the rare orchid in this lake.

Victoria lake Is the well know as the biggest lake of Africa and the third largest of the worldThere has very beautiful landscape, blue range mountains and wild animals. It is not allowed for the swimming because of it has too mug.

Huron Is the one of Greatest lake of America. It can call as Relax Lake because there has many Cruise Businessand Fishing Business for Relax. Moreover there has too many resort in the beach. Beautiful lake of the world.

The MICHIGAN lake Is the second largest lake of five great lakes of North America, It has (307) miles length and 118 miles wide and clear blue color water.

Tanganyika Lake Is 418 miles length and 45 miles wide and the deep is 4820 feet’s that why it is the second deepest lake of the world.

Baikal Is the deepest of the world and the ages may be last (25) Millions of years. It is also fresh water lakeand famous as the Russian Glarpargose because of strange animals and slightly transparent and goomaanka fish speices.

Great Bear lake Is the north of Canada and it is the biggest in Canada.In this popular fact is pitchblende found in it. In the second world war, The America produced some of the Nuclear bomb in this lakeAfter that, closed and restricted the pitchblende project.

Meromictic Lake It can see the floor of lake and the water is clear and Cichlids specie and the lake is 11600 Square miles and 350 miles length and wide 47 mile and deep 2316 feet’s.

Great Slave Is the deepest in the North America and exit in the Norther west of country.

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